Grace + Logan |Snowshoe Wedding

Grace and I have grown up together but when we went to different schools we grew apart, but the love and respect we had for each remained the same! I cant begin to say that amount of happiness I have to see her so in love and to be so loved in return! Wait till you see the way Logan looks at her their entire ceremony! I get it, Logan. She IS that wonderful and now she is your WIFE!!

Grace + Logans special day was pretty much perfect. Close family and friends traveled to see these two say I do and the day was intimate and full of love! Ive been excited to shoot this wedding for awhile and one reason is to photograph Graces dress! Wowwww, yall. She sent me a photo of it and ALL THE HEART EYES from me since that photo! Keep scrolling to see some of my favorites from this special day!



Tasha did amazing on her bouquet!


The coin was Graces grandmothers and the three rings were her moms that she pinned on her dress!



I promise Annie was wearing shorts. lol She did AH-Mazing on Graces make up and hair!



Everyone was telling Grace congratulations as she walked to her ceremony. Looking back at pictures, I’m pretty sure they thought her brother , Trey,  was the groom. lol





He looked at her this way the entire ceremony!



How perfect is this first kiss?


Look at the train of that dress, guys! The black and white really brings out the lace of that dress! 2020-08-14_0036

The two picked Snowshoe because its their favorite place together and Logan proposed to Grace there! It was the most amazing venue! 2020-08-14_00372020-08-14_0038

The couple also share the same love for the same beer! They didn’t have it at Snowshoe but someone gave them each a can of Miller Lite after overhearing they had to drink Michelob Ultra.



The tunnel was gorgeous and a MUST for pictures.


In the tunnel were these beautiful doors! I’m so glad we took time to use this location for portraits.




I love when the bride and groom take time to enjoy their portraits together! They are so fun!


The people were so nice to this happy couple!



Did JJ give me one of the pepperoni cheese rolls Jessica fixed for him for the ride home? Why, yes. He gave me ONE and he had twelve. lol


There is no doubt in my mind that you two were made for each other. Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Martin!! Thank you for having me and JJ be a part of your special day!! I wish you so much happiness!!




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