Elizabeth + Shawn | Bluefield, VA Elopement

I first met this couple when Shawn contacted me to capture his proposal to Liz! Shawn brought Liz to their chapel and played her  “The Question” a song he wrote for her and the stage was decorated with beautiful lights. You could hear Liz cry happy tears when the song was quiet. She, also, looked up into the balcony hearing my clicks so that might have given it away that THIS WAS THE MOMENT. Little did she know that some of her friends had their faces into the floor waiting to congratulate the newly engaged couple at the end of the song! I didn’t meet Liz or Shawn until after they were officially engaged but I’m not going to lie, my eyes got dust in them when I saw their proposal. The love they share for one another is obvious to anyone around them, including strangers up in a balcony. When I congratulated the couple and introduced myself Liz knew who I was because she was my boys guidance counselor!  During their session after the proposal, to celebrate their engagement, Liz and I actually looked at each other at the same time and said we were the same person. LOL Our friendship was meant to be, yall. I don’t have a new client, I gained new friends.  I couldn’t wait to see them say I do.

The two decided to elope and have a bigger celebration with all their family and friends later on in the year and to just have parents to see the official I do’s. Let. Me. Just. Say.  WOW. This elopement was breathtaking. Not just the big beautiful window with all the natural light I could ever want, or the fact that Liz was absolutely STUNNING! It was breathtaking because of love that this couple shared and the love surrounding them in person and on Facetime. There were many happy tears from all and hugs between the couple and their parents. Liz and I repeatedly went in for hugs and quickly remembered this pandemic we were in! There, also, were face masks, hand sanitizer,  and ,of course Liz’s favorite, Chick-Fil-A! This WAS the perfect day. Words can not express how happy I am for these two! God made Liz for Shawn and made Shawn for Liz. He knew exactly what he was doing. I wish you all so much happiness Mr. and Mrs Howell!


When I thought I couldn’t love Liz anymore, then she asks me to take a picture of her Chick-Fil-A.


I could take pictures of her ring ALL DAY LONG.


I know, another ring shot. Sorry not sorry.


Cue all the ugly crying gifs. He looks at her like this all the time.


Do you see father of the bride in the background? Cue more ugly crying gifs.


Introducing the Howells!


Thank you guys for sharing these special moments with me and thank you for getting into a window sill and trusting my vision. lol I can not wait till November!

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