Chasity + Taylor| Bald Knob Overlook Engagement

Chasity + Taylors engagement session was at Bald Knob Overlook at Mountain Lake Lodge. When we finally found the overlook we had the option to hike up a mile long road or a 1/2 a mile path, both up hill. The 1/2 was extremely steep. You know those hills that every step you take you feel it in your calves? Well, THAT kinda hill. Sweet Mary + Joseph I am out of shape. I have been doing the elliptical more religiously since this hike. LOL JJ + Taylor went on ahead of Chasity + I, as we chatted between my heavy breathing, +  let other avid hikers pass us as we cheered them on. A couple with a cute, tiny dog passed us + congratulated us on our engagement as they learned we were headed to the top for engagement photos. LOL We explained my husband + Chasity’s fiancé were just better in shape then we were.

When we got to the top we had minutes before the sun started setting, so Chasity + Taylor began to change into their first outfits in her pop up changing room( Yes, you heard that right! My girl thought of EVERYTHING) .  Even rushed + changing in a plastic changing room, around a group of the avid hiker strangers, with fierce wind blowing, the two were hilarious with each other + kept JJ + I laughing! It was a little stressful having to rush to make sure the hike + drive to Bald Knob was worth it! But these two handled the stressful situation with grace + laughs. I think that is every couples goal, right? Laughing through the stress + chaos, all while embracing the craziness TOGETHER?

Poor Chasity was a trooper + her feet were so frozen after she stood on the cold rock cuddling with her soon to be hubby, but it made some amazing photos! I hope she thinks her cold feet, that she could barely walk on afterward, were worth it after glancing at her blog! Check out their gorgeous blog below! Leave them a sweet comment!


This red dress was an amazing choice+ showed off Chasity’s boot-ay which Taylor appreciated! 😉 LOL


Guys, look a those cuddling skills! She fits in his arm!


I loved this photo of Chasity because you can see just how beautiful she really is.


That soft light after sunset is my FAVORITE.



Once the sun had set + there was little light available, I noticed the lights from the town + rushed these two over to capture this beautiful, purple light left on the mountains with the little specks of yellow light from the town below! Favorite thing about this photo, though, is Taylors hand on Chasity’s butt. LOL

Chasity + Taylor were such a joy to photograph + even more fun to hang out with! Their love is obvious to people around them + their connection is undeniable + amazing to capture. Thank you so much, guys, for coming to me for your engagement photos! Even though my legs ached for days, we had a blast with you lovebirds! Next time we hang, lets just get dinner instead though! lol

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