Kylie + Mitchell| Pinnacle Rock State Park Engagement

Kylie + Mitchell met me at Pinnacle Rock State Park last Sunday morning for their engagement session + as we were about to start, I saw a friend of mine who had just walked up to the overlook for a workout! She showed us the gorgeous view from a cellphone picture + we all knew it was a MUST to capture that beauty during their session! One of Mitchell’s strides are two, MAYBE three, of what mine + Kylies are, so when Kylie joked about a break, me + my 40 lb bookbag were relieved.  That was the moment I, also, knew Kylie + I were going to get along with JUST FINE! LOL During their engagement session, these two were the most amazing cuddlers! Kylie literally fits in Mitchells arms like a puzzle piece + he holds her with so much love. This made the session go Ah-mazing + made my creativity spike! I loved that Mitchell was down for anything + from what I saw, he actually enjoyed himself, which isn’t always the case for soon to be grooms. LOL Sweet Kylie was okay with letting my creativity flow + wasn’t even the least weirded out with me laying on my back + taking pictures of the couples hands. LOL We actually went over their session + had no idea because I couldn’t stop posing these lovebirds! I felt like I have known these two for years, to the point, I caught myself calling Kylie, “Kylie girl”. I’m not even sure where that even came from, but it just felt right. Thank you guys for trusting me with my vision for your engagement session + just going with the flow! I can not wait to capture your special day + be a part of all the love you show that day + any day in the future! You guys are the sweetest + I am so happy for you.





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