Senior Spokesmodel Team




My spokesmodels are a team of high school seniors in Southern WV, who work with me for their entire senior year.

These girls are the face of my senior brand. The reps do multiple shoots together throughout the year and have individual shoots. My reps share about their experience working with me, share their photos from the session on social media with the goal of growing my business. Your responsibility as a representative is to refer friends and family to Amanda Gibson Photography for their senior portraits. There are also referral rewards in the form of print credit, extra sessions, and even cash back. Every senior gets to participate in the group sessions then also gets their own individual session!




This team is a good fit for you if:

You love taking photos
You already feel comfortable in front of the camera
You naturally enjoy sharing about things you love and will be comfortable sharing about my business.

I review the applications very closely to find a variety of girls who match my brand, who genuinely want to work with ME and love my style. So where are all my fun, adventurous, photo loving 2021 seniors?!

I plan to keep the group small enough to give adequate attention to each rep. If you aren’t selected, I still would love to work with you! If I could select everyone, I would.



Applications will be open until February 16th.

You MUST have parental consent to participate in the Senior Representative program. You and your parent/guardian will be required to sign a contract.

I will notify parents FIRST to tell them their daughter has been selected. The parent must approve their daughter’s acceptance and pay either a deposit or the full price of the rep program by 2/25/20.

Once I have received a “yes” from all parents, I will then notify the girls. It is SO important that you and your parent both having a working email address that you will provide on the application. If you are selected as a rep, but your parent does not answer an email/call, I will pass your spot on to another girl.


Senior representatives only pay the price of a senior session ($250). This price does not include a travel fee should you choose to have your session further than 30 minutes from Bluefield West Virginia. There are no hidden fees associated with the program.

If you have any other questions about the program, please email me and I will get them answered for you.

I am SO EXCITED to meet all of the new seniors and welcome the 2021 team!


Fill out application below and submit!

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