Erin + Elijah | Hinton, West Virginia Vow Renewal

Erin + Elijah have been married for 10 YEARS + have 4 beautiful boys! Who knew discussing the new thing at the time called “Bluetooth” on their Nokia phones with an acquaintance you had seen a few times before would end up to such a beautiful love story! I guess it also had to do with Elijah tricking Erin that he needed to have her number in order to show her how to work it. (lol) Smooth Elijah! This was in 2006, fast forward almost 14 years + here we are.  On August 10, 2009, the two suddenly decided to go get married at the courthouse after being engaged for 6 months. The two dropped their 7 month old son with a friend + went to McDonalds for a memorable lunch of chicken nuggets + French fries( no sauce so they wouldn’t ruin their white shirts,lol) + then to the courthouse they went for a sweet, intimate ceremony. Throughout these 10 years, they have supported each other through welcoming another beautiful son one day after their one year anniversary, moved, careers, raising their 4 boys +all the ups and downs of life. They have grown up together, loved together, cried together, presevered together. But, it is together they have joined their hearts + families to  be the best of both, while raising their children to love God, one another, + be strong, kind, considerate young men who always strive to do the “right thing.”

To celebrate their first decade of marriage, they decided on their anniversary to be surrounded by close friends + family to renew their marriage vows at the Guest House Inn, in Hinton, West Virginia.  The Guest House Inn has a beautiful courtyard where the two celebrated with their loved ones in an intimate ceremony, with their 4 sons by their side. Erin + Elijah were made for one another. They compliment each other in such a way that puts everyone around them at ease. I seriously want to move in next door to them + Barbeque every weekend.(lol) Is that weird? Probably. But I bet Erin gets it + isn’t judging. I gained a wonderful new friend during this vow renewal + for that I am so thankful!

Thank you guys for allowing me to be a part of such a special day for you + your family!


Venue| The Guest House Inn in Hinton, WV

Florals| Petals and Silks

Catering| The Market Hinton, WV






I wish this couple 10 more years of happiness!



2 thoughts on “Erin + Elijah | Hinton, West Virginia Vow Renewal

  1. The bride is the most beautiful person inside and out. I happy you finally got your day! Lord know you deserve it! I miss you friend.



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